Sonu and Monu (Short Story)

Sonu:- Oh wow! Today is a bright and sunny day.

Monu:- Yes. Idea, shall we go on a picnic.

Sonu:- Yes let’s pack our bags. No but mother will not allow us.

Monu:- (Sadly) That’s right, idea we will talk to mother.

Sonu:- But how ?

Monu:- Litsen, kuch chup chik.

Sonu:- Oh! That’s great idea.

Monu:- Yes , now we can go on picnic,khe!khe!khe!khe!khe!.

They went in the kitchen.

Sonu and Monu:- Mom mom!

Mother:- What happened. Why are you shouting?

Monu:- Mom , can we go on a picnic.

Mother:- (Shouting) No!

Sonu:- But why mom , see today is a bright and sunny day.

Monu:- Yes mom!and we will eat outside snacks and food and do fun.

Mother:- (Thinking) Okay!but I will also come .

Sonu and Monu:- (Sadly) Yes.

Monu:- But mom, can’t we go alone?

Mother:- Why?

Monu:- Now we are in sixth standard and we go alone everywhere except out of station.

Mother:- Okay, go alone but remember, don’t do masti there.

Sonu and Monu:- Okay mom!

They went in their bedroom to pack their bags.

Sonu:- Yeah. Hurray! Hip hip hurrah.

Monu:- My idea was excellent.

Sonu:- Yes. Hmmmmmm! I think we have forgot something.

Monu:- What?

Sonu and Monu:- (Together) To pack bag.

Sonu:- Monu, you bring snacks and food from the kitchen and  I will pack our bags.

Sonu is giving bag to Monu to take food and snacks in it.

Monu:- Okay, thank you.

Monu went in the kitchen and Sonu started packing bags.

Sonu:- I think we should go to Great Escape.

Monu is coming from the kitchen.

Monu:- Sonu, I took everything.

Sonu:- Monu, shall we go to Great Escape?

Monu:- Yes. It is my favourite place.

Sonu:- (Excited) Finish packing bag.

Sonu and Monu:- Let’s go.

After sometime they reached to Great Escape.

Sonu and Monu:- Wow!

Sonu:- Monu, see that swimming pools.

Monu:- Yes and see there is bow and arrow game.

Sonu:- And see ice cream, popcorn and gola.

Monu:- But where is changing room?

Sonu:- Let me ask that uncle.

Sonu:- Excuse me uncle, can you please tell me where is changing room?

Uncle:- Yes. It is on the right side.

Sonu:- Thank you, uncle.

Uncle:- You are welcome.

Sonu is saying to Monu.

Sonu:- Monu, the uncle told it is on the right side, let’s go.

Sonu and Monu reached to the changing room.

Monu:- Let’s change fast, we will have much fun.

Sonu:- Yes.

They changed their clothes and soon reached to the swimming pool. They dived into the water.

Sonu:- Monu, let’s play with ball.

Monu:- Yes, but first we will swim for sometime and then we will play with ball.

Sonu:- Okay!

After sometime, they played with ball and changed their clothes again and went to eat.

Sonu:- Let’s first eat some popcorn.

Monu:- Yes and then ice cream then gola then…

Sonu:- Bus, bus, bus, bus, bus.

Monu:- What?

Sonu:- Bussssssssssssss.

Monu:- But bus is not coming here, it will come on bus stop.

Sonu:- Bus means stop.

Monu:- But that only I told bus stop.

Sonu:- Oooofffo!

Monu:- Sorry sorry sorry, now let’s eat.

They went to eat first popcorn.

Sonu: Oh! The popcorn is very tasty.

Monu: Yes, I will eat two popcorns.

After eating popcorn, they went to eat gola.

Sonu:- Oh, the gola is very cold.

Monu:- But golas are always eaten like this, with loads of ice and sweet juice!

After eating popcorn and gola at last, they ate ice cream and went to home. They reached home at seven pm.

Monu:- Today we had so much fun.

Sonu:- Yes and the food was so tasty.

Monu:- Today we ate double.

Sonu:- What do you mean?

Monu:- I mean we ate our food and Great Escape’s food.

Sonu:- Yes and today was our lucky day.

Monu:- Let’s write our lucky day in our diary.

On that day Sonu and Monu wrote everything in their diary that how much fun they had and they gave the topic ‘Our Lucky Day’ and they had the same dream at night. They thought their lucky and best day was when they went to Great Escape.


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